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World News February 3, 2024

Yangon Welcomes Chinese New Year Celebrations with Scholar Discussion on Studying in China

In anticipation of the upcoming Chinese New Year, a New Year discussion for the year 2024 was held in Yangon on February 3rd, focusing on the experiences of Myanmar scholars who have pursued education in China. Organized by Chinese Embassy to Myanmar, China Media Group and China Cultural Center in Yangon, the discussion aimed to share insights with prospective students and youths interested in pursuing education in China.


The participants, including Myanmar scholar students, professors from Yangon universities, and officials from Leu Hua International Education, delved into various aspects of studying in China. Topics covered included scholarship opportunities, the application process, challenges faced by students while in China, and responses to queries from guests and new students.


Beyond academic discussions, the event also highlighted and celebrated Chinese culture, featuring aspects such as Chinese tea culture and the art of writing Chinese symbols. The occasion attracted attendance from officials representing the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Myanmar, as well as students and teachers.


Overall, the event served as a platform for exchanging valuable information, promoting cultural understanding, and fostering connections between Myanmar and China in the realm of education.


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