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World News November 22, 2023

Xi speaks at BRICS extraordinary virtual summit on Palestinian-Israeli issue

Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the BRICS extraordinary virtual summit on the Palestinian-Israeli issue and called for an immediate ceasefire. Xi expressed deep concern about the conflict’s impact, emphasizing the need for parties to end hostilities, release captives, and establish humanitarian corridors. He urged the international community to prevent the conflict from spreading and endangering Middle East stability. Xi highlighted the root cause as the neglect of Palestinian rights and advocated for a two-state solution, emphasizing the importance of an international peace conference. China has actively worked for peace talks, provided humanitarian assistance, and supported relevant resolutions. Xi commended BRICS as a platform for solidarity and cooperation, marking the summit as a positive start for expanded cooperation. He expressed readiness to support Russia’s upcoming BRICS chairmanship.

Source: CGTN


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