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Tech April 5, 2024

World’s most powerful MRI scans first images of human brain

The world’s most powerful MRI scanner, named Iseult, has produced its initial images of human brains, marking a significant advancement in precision imaging for neurological research. With a magnetic field strength of 11.7 teslas, ten times more powerful than typical hospital MRI machines, Iseult offers unprecedented detail, revealing previously unseen structures within the brain. The scanner, located in France’s Plateau de Saclay area, has been utilized by around 20 healthy volunteers, showcasing its capability to visualize intricate brain anatomy and activity. Researchers aim to leverage this groundbreaking technology to deepen our understanding of brain function, investigate neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and study the effects of psychiatric medications. While Iseult is not intended for clinical diagnosis, insights gained from its research may ultimately inform advancements in medical treatment and diagnosis.

Source – CGTN

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