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World News September 30, 2023

World Heart Day: Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

World Heart Day, observed on September 29, aims to raise awareness about heart health and combat cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), which claim around 17.9 million lives yearly worldwide. China faces a significant CVD burden, with approximately 330 million people affected, driven by high rates of hypertension, dyslipidemia, and diabetes. Alarmingly, CVDs are increasingly affecting younger age groups. Cardiac arrest rates in China have risen, but cardiopulmonary resuscitation is received in only 17% of cases. Lifestyle factors like late nights, smoking, excessive drinking, and intense exercise contribute to cardiovascular issues. There have been advances in CVD treatment, including robot-assisted coronary angiography in China and hydrogen gas inhalation in Japan, which reduces mortality and brain injury after cardiac arrest.

Source – CGTN

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