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World News June 25, 2024

WikiLeaks’ Assange expected to plead guilty to U.S. espionage charge

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is expected to plead guilty this week to violating U.S. espionage law, potentially ending his imprisonment in Britain and allowing his return to Australia. U.S. prosecutors filed a criminal charge against Assange, marking a step towards a plea deal involving one count of conspiring to obtain and disclose classified U.S. defense documents. Assange’s plea and sentencing are scheduled for Wednesday in Saipan, chosen for its proximity to Australia.

The plea deal ensures Assange will admit guilt without additional prison time, acknowledging the five years he spent in a British prison while fighting extradition to the U.S. Assange gained fame for exposing military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan but faced rape allegations, which he denied. His supporters consider him a hero, while prosecutors argue his actions harmed U.S. national security.

The U.S. indictment from 2019 accused Assange of assisting Chelsea Manning in leaking diplomatic and military files, causing potential damage to U.S. and allied interests. This deal might close a long-standing chapter of legal battles and diplomatic tensions.

Source – CGTN

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