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Tech June 20, 2024

What happens when the film industry embraces AI?

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence is significantly impacting the global film industry. At the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), a forum was held where industry professionals and AI experts discussed the integration of AI in creating sci-fi films. AI scientist Dai Bo likened AI to an artist’s brush, emphasizing that while it enhances creativity, it cannot replace the artist. He noted that AI-generated content (AIGC) offers new possibilities for imagination and collaboration between AI and filmmakers.

During the forum, Wang Hongwei of Beijing Film Academy highlighted AI’s potential to offer multiple solutions in film development and scriptwriting. However, sci-fi writer Wang Jinkang argued that while AI might surpass humans in creating large volumes of content, its ability to produce master-level works remains uncertain. Japanese animation director Shoji Kawamori pointed out AI’s current limitations in generating touch and vision content.

Chinese director Dong Runnian shared his experience using AI tools for scriptwriting in both English and Chinese, noting that the quality depends on the training of the AI models. He mentioned that AI still struggles to fully grasp human thought and expression.

The forum was part of the Sci-Fi Film Week at SIFF, which focuses on AI and features 10 selected AI-themed films. The event also promotes science fiction IPs and projects, providing a platform for young sci-fi writers and filmmakers to explore opportunities in adapting literature into films.

Source: CGTN

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