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World News November 3, 2023

UN calls for U.S. to end Cuba embargo in 187-2 vote; U.S. and Israel oppose

The UN General Assembly has, for the 31st time, called on the United States to end its decades-long trade embargo against Cuba. The resolution, which is non-binding, was supported by 187 countries, opposed only by the United States and Israel, with Ukraine abstaining. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez stated that the embargo hinders Cuba’s access to essential resources like food, medicines, and medical equipment. He also noted that the embargo prevents Cuba from exporting to the U.S., resulting in significant economic losses. The U.S. argues that the embargo aims to promote human rights and liberties in Cuba and makes exceptions for humanitarian purposes. Despite some gestures of goodwill, the longstanding dispute between Cuba and the U.S. shows little sign of resolution. President Biden has taken modest steps to ease restrictions on Cuba, but has not repealed the sanctions imposed during the Trump administration.

Source – CGTN

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