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World News March 28, 2024

U.S. State Department staffer resigns over Washington’s continued arming of Israel

Annelle Sheline, a U.S. State Department staffer responsible for promoting human rights in regions like Gaza, resigned in protest over continued U.S. arms deliveries to Israel. In an opinion piece on CNN’s website, Sheline criticized U.S. support for Israeli military actions, including what she termed as genocidal acts against Palestinians. She cited the administration’s failure to heed dissenting voices within the State Department as a reason for her resignation. Sheline’s departure reflects growing frustration within the U.S. government over its handling of the Gaza conflict. The incident follows previous resignations and protests over similar concerns. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller defended the administration’s approach, emphasizing the consideration of dissenting views but maintaining that certain policy decisions, such as cutting off support for Israel, remain off the table.

Source – CGTN

Photo Credit – China Daily

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