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World News February 6, 2024

U.S. envoy piles pressure on Hungary to ratify Sweden’s NATO entry

The U.S. envoy to Budapest, along with ambassadors from NATO allies including Denmark and Poland, attended a surprise parliamentary session in Hungary to pressure Budapest into approving Sweden’s NATO membership bid. Despite an opposition-led attempt to vote on ratification, lawmakers from the ruling Fidesz party boycotted the session, further delaying the approval process. Hungary is the only NATO member yet to ratify Sweden’s membership application, straining relations with the U.S. and other allies. Opposition members accused Prime Minister Viktor Orban of favoring Russia and undermining NATO unity. The ambassadors did not comment during the session but are expected to do so later. Fidesz suggested that Sweden’s NATO bid could be ratified during a regular parliamentary session in late February, contingent on a visit by the Swedish prime minister to Budapest. Orban, despite supporting Sweden’s NATO entry, has faced challenges in advancing the relevant bill since mid-2022.

Source – CGTN

Photo Credit – Business Live

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