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World News July 31, 2023

Two supermoons in August mean double the stargazing fun

In August, we will witness two special moon events. The first one, called a supermoon, will appear on Tuesday evening, rising in the southeast. It will be slightly brighter and bigger than usual because it will be closer to Earth than normal. The second supermoon will occur on August 30 and will be even closer.

The second event is called a blue moon, which happens when there are two full moons in the same month. It will be a rare sight, and the last time this occurred was in 2018. We won’t see it again until 2037.

These supermoons are a great opportunity to look up and explore the sky, especially on warm summer nights. Binoculars or backyard telescopes can make the experience even better, revealing features like lunar maria, which are dark plains created by ancient volcanic lava flows, and rays coming from lunar craters. So, let’s enjoy these cosmic wonders if the skies are clear!

Source: CGTN

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