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Infotainment July 28, 2023

The 2nd Hangzhou Asian Games Press Briefing

On July 27, 2023, HAGOC (Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee) held the second press briefing for the Hangzhou Asian Games. Officials provided updates on Games services, media preparations, team sports draw results, and athlete entries. The briefing was hosted by Mr. Xu Bin, Deputy Director of HAGOC’s Press & Public Relations Department.

1. The Team Draw is now Complete – A Milestone for the Games

The news article highlights the significant progress and completion of preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games. The Team Draw among four Asian Federations has been carried out, finalizing the competition schedule and facilitating ticketing and TV broadcasting arrangements. A record number of athletes, over 12,527, from 45 Asian countries are set to participate in 483 competition events across 61 disciplines in 40 sports. All 56 competition venues are ready, and 4,575 ITOs/NTOs have been appointed. Various operational teams, including competition and training operations, are in place. Overall, the planning and organization of the Hangzhou Asian Games are essentially complete and ready for a successful event.

1. The Asian Games Village is Ready – The Best Possible “Food, Accommodation & Transport” will be Provided for Village Residents.

HAGOC has meticulously organized catering services for eight client groups, ensuring high-quality and diverse menus for athletes and guests. Menus have been reviewed and approved by the OCA, offering international and Zhejiang cuisine. They have also taken measures to avoid unintentional doping violations by selecting safe food suppliers. The Smart Meal Ordering System is operational for test events. Accommodation for athletes, officials, media, and VIPs is well-prepared, with dedicated transport services for arrivals, departures, competitions, and ceremonies, including free public transport services.

1. With the Completion of the Basic Infrastructure, the MMC will Offer High-Quality and Efficient Services.

The MMC (Main Media Centre) is a central hub for accredited media and broadcasters during the Hangzhou Asian Games. HAGOC has focused on meeting international standards and providing comprehensive services for local and foreign journalists. Professionals from media organizations collaborated in designing workrooms, conference rooms, and digital communication zones. The MMC operations team will focus on cultural presentations, transport management, press releases, and collaboration to ensure efficient and considerate services. The operational infrastructure is complete, with official operations beginning on 18 September. Pre-Games events include an open day for the public on 24 August and a Media Tour Day on 5 September.

Source : CGTN

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