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World News December 13, 2023

Texas Supreme Court halts judge’s ruling to allow woman to terminate non-viable pregnancy

The Texas Supreme Court has temporarily halted a lower court’s decision that would have permitted Kate Cox, a woman with a non-viable 20-week pregnancy, to undergo an abortion despite the state’s stringent six-week abortion ban. The state’s top court issued an administrative stay without considering the merits of either side’s arguments, providing more time for a final decision. Lawyers for Cox express concerns about potential justice denial due to the delay. Cox’s fetus has a likely-fatal condition, trisomy-18, posing risks to the mother’s health and fertility. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton warns hospitals of legal consequences if they proceed with the abortion, emphasizing the potential for citizen lawsuits and charges by local prosecutors. Cox’s attorneys refrain from disclosing her abortion plans for safety reasons.

Source – CGTN

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