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Infotainment January 3, 2024

Sun emits strong solar flare on first day of 2024

China’s National Center for Space Weather (NCSW) reported the detection of a significant solar flare on Monday morning, reaching X5.0 classification. The flare, originating from the sun, had minimal impact on China’s ionosphere. Solar flares result from the reconnection of powerful magnetic fields around the sun, causing intense bursts of radiation or light. NASA classifies these flares based on strength, ranging from B-class (weakest) to C, M, and X-class (most potent). X-class flares, though powerful, are not inherently catastrophic, and their impact depends on their orientation towards Earth. The NCSW anticipates low to moderate solar activity in the next three days, with a potential for M-class flares, and assures monitoring and timely release of early warning information.

Source – CGTN

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