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World News August 17, 2023

Sudan ‘spiraling out of control’ as 1 million flee country, UN warns

Over a million people have fled Sudan, while those within the country are suffering from food shortages and lack of healthcare due to a four-month-long war, warns the United Nations. Conflict between the Sudanese army and paramilitary forces has led to chaos in Khartoum and ethnic attacks in Darfur, posing a risk of prolonged civil war. Urgent action is needed, as time is running out for planting crops and medical supplies are scarce. The war’s toll includes over a million refugees to neighboring nations and over 3 million displaced within Sudan. Amidst the hardships, there’s a call for negotiation, with some softening of the army’s stance. The remaining population faces looting and infrastructure disruptions, leading to dire conditions. The conflict has claimed thousands of lives, with reports of increased assaults.

Source : CGTN

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