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World News January 24, 2024

Study: U.S. California’s coastline faces grim future as sea levels rise

A new study warns that rising ocean levels pose a serious threat to California’s coastline, where 70% of residents reside and millions visit annually, with impacts expected to worsen in the next 30 years. The report by the California Ocean Protection Council predicts an average sea level rise of 0.24 meters by 2050 and up to 1.86 meters by 2150, attributing the rise to ocean warming from greenhouse gas emissions and melting land ice. The resulting flooding and erosion are projected to intensify, posing risks to homes, businesses, infrastructure, and low-lying areas statewide. The San Francisco Bay Area is particularly vulnerable, accounting for two-thirds of California’s future flood risk. The study also highlights the impact on groundwater levels, which may rise concurrently, spreading contaminants and threatening underground infrastructure. Researchers emphasize the need for science-based decisions to protect coastal communities and infrastructure, especially in the critical planning period until 2050. Another recent study suggests that erosion, driven by sea level rise, could lead to the disappearance of many California beaches by the end of the century.

Source – CGTN

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