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World News December 30, 2023

Sixty years on: China’s medical teams treat 300m patients abroad

Over the past 60 years, China has sent over 30,000 medical personnel to 76 countries, providing medical services to nearly 300 million patients and helping establish more than 130 healthcare facilities. Chinese medical teams have trained over 100,000 local medical personnel in these countries, contributing to healthcare expertise. China has collaborated with 48 medical institutions in 43 countries and regions. Despite over 50 Chinese medical workers losing their lives during overseas aid missions, Chinese medical teams continue their commitment to global health in 56 countries. Notably, a recent project in Benin involves a Chinese ophthalmology medical team providing free cataract surgeries, showcasing China’s ongoing contributions to international public health. Additionally, Chinese medical teams have shared expertise and technologies, as seen in a spinal surgery training program in Malawi, benefiting local doctors and patients.

Source – CGTN

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