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Tech January 17, 2024

Self-driving police patrol cars tested on Beijing roads

The Beijing high-level autonomous driving demonstration area has launched the first road test of unmanned police patrol cars in China. Fifteen self-driving patrol cars equipped with Level 4 autonomous driving technology are conducting round-the-clock police duties in the Yizhuang autonomous driving demonstration area. Developed by Neolix, the electric unmanned patrol cars can complete battery replacement in 30 seconds and have a driving range of 100 km. The vehicles feature 360-degree multi-sensor fusion perception capability with a detection range of up to 120 meters. The road test covers patrolling, security for large-scale events, public announcements, warnings, and emergency rescue work in a 60 square kilometer area. The demonstration area, initiated in September 2020, spans 160 square kilometers and hosts 28 vehicle testing companies with over 800 vehicles engaged in testing and commercial exploration, accumulating a test mileage exceeding 20 million kilometers.

Source – CGTN

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