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World News April 5, 2024

Scientists investigate thousands of dead penguins for bird flu

Researchers are investigating a concerning discovery of hundreds of dead Adelie penguins in Antarctica, with suspected cases of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus. Although field tests were inconclusive, samples have been sent to labs for further analysis. Scientists worry about the potential impact on threatened penguin species and other wildlife in the region. The disease’s aggressive spread in wildlife since its arrival in South America in 2022 has raised concerns, with the first confirmed case in Antarctica in February. The recent expedition found dead penguins frozen solid in sub-zero temperatures on Heroina Island, estimating several thousand deaths. While live penguins had already moved on, the presence of H5 strain bird flu was detected on the Antarctic peninsula and nearby islands. The incident underscores broader concerns about the vulnerability of Antarctic wildlife to environmental stresses like climate change.

Source – CGTN

Photo Credit – U.S.News

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