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World News February 13, 2024

Scientists find ‘central puzzle piece’ on the trail of long Covid

Scientists claim to have made progress in understanding long Covid, identifying a “central puzzle piece” that may pave the way for breakthroughs in treating the condition and shedding light on other chronic syndromes. A recent study revealed significant differences in the blood proteins of over 110 long Covid patients. Researchers found that the complement system, a part of the immune system, remains active in people with long Covid, causing continued damage to healthy tissues. The study suggests a strong link between the complement system’s dysregulation and the persistence of long Covid symptoms. This finding offers hope for future diagnostic tests and treatment approaches. However, experts caution that this mechanism alone may not explain all aspects of long Covid’s diverse impact on patients. The elusive nature of long Covid is attributed to its status as a “multi-system disease,” emphasizing the need for a comprehensive understanding of acute infections causing chronic conditions.

Source – CGTN

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