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World News March 4, 2024

Russia Today’s chief editor releases audio tape of German officers purportedly plotting bombing of Crimean bridge

A 38-minute audio recording, posted by Margarita Simonyan, the chief editor of Russia Today, reveals German officers discussing a plot to supply missiles to Ukraine and target the Crimean bridge. The recording discusses the potential use of German-made Taurus missiles by Ukrainian forces and their impact, including aiming at key targets like the Crimean bridge over the Kerch Strait. Experts, as per Der Spiegel magazine, believe the recording is authentic. Kyiv has sought Taurus missiles from Germany, capable of reaching targets 500 kilometers away. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov interprets the recording as a sign that Ukraine and its backers aim for a strategic defeat of Russia on the battlefield. Russia demands prompt explanations from Germany, while the German Defense Ministry investigates whether a confidential video conference on the Ukraine conflict was wiretapped.

Source – CGTN

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