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Tech February 14, 2024

Researchers develop method to boost tree genetic cloning

A multinational research team, led by Tel Aviv University (TAU) and the Volcani Institute in Israel, has developed an efficient genetic cloning method for trees, as announced by TAU. The method, detailed in an eight-year study published in Nature Biotechnology, focuses on the common stem cuttings technique, promoting asexual reproduction with no seeds. This allows for the multiplication of desirable tree traits, such as fruit taste and resistance to dryness and disease. The researchers created a “library” of molecules to find an alternative to the plant hormone auxin, resulting in a substance that improved rooting efficiency in the Eucalyptus grandis tree. The enhanced treatment increased the rooting rate to 60 percent, six times higher than the standard method. The researchers believe this method could reduce costs for farmers and consumers, improve crop yields, and contribute to environmental sustainability by developing plants resistant to climate change.

Source – CGTN

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