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World News April 4, 2024

Research finds 14,000 excess deaths relating to long A&E waits in UK

Research released by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) indicates that approximately 14,000 excess deaths in 2023 in the UK were linked to waits of 12 hours or more in accident and emergency (A&E) units. Using the Standard Mortality Ratio method, the research estimates one additional death for every 72 patients experiencing an eight-to-12-hour wait. Over 1.5 million patients endured such long waits in 2023, with an average of over 268 patients dying each week due to these delays. RCEM President Adrian Boyle emphasized the human impact of these statistics, urging for action to address inequalities and preventable deaths. Despite targets set by Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) for timely care, the research found a shortfall in meeting these targets, highlighting the urgent need for substantial investment and commitment to improving emergency care services for both patients and clinicians.

Source – CGTN

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