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World News November 17, 2023

Raid on Gaza’s largest hospital continues, Israel orders evacuation in ‘safe areas’

Israel renewed its military operation at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza, targeting what it claims is a Hamas command center beneath the medical facility. Major General Yaron Finkelman, head of army operations in Gaza, stated that the operation aimed to move forward. Both Israel and the U.S. allege that Hamas has built tunnels below Al Shifa, a claim denied by Gaza’s governing body and the hospital directors. The health ministry reported that Israeli forces destroyed parts of the hospital and interrogated patients and staff. Prior to the operation, UN agencies estimated that around 2,300 individuals, including patients and displaced civilians, were at Al Shifa. Israeli soldiers reportedly ordered men above 16 to exit the building, leading about 1,000 Palestinians to the hospital courtyard, where they were checked for weapons. Some were left standing in their underwear beside tanks used in the military incursion.

Source – CGTN

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