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World News October 16, 2023

Promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations stressed in Xi’s Thought on Culture

Li Zhirong, an archaeologist from Zhejiang University, led a team to digitally document the restoration of Nepal’s Basantapur Palace. This project, China’s first major cultural restoration effort in Nepal, symbolizes China’s commitment to cross-cultural exchanges. Chinese President Xi Jinping has consistently emphasized the importance of such exchanges, envisioning them as contributing to global cultural flourishing.

Initiatives like the Alliance for Cultural Heritage in Asia are seen as vital for safeguarding Asian cultural heritage and deepening exchanges among Asian civilizations. This aligns with Xi’s vision of a thriving global garden of civilizations, fostering human progress.

At a recent meeting on public communication and culture, Xi Jinping outlined seven aspects to enhance these efforts, including the promotion of exchanges and mutual learning.

China’s dedication to cultural exchange is evident in events like the Hangzhou Asian Games’ opening ceremony, which showcased diverse Asian cultures alongside Chinese elements. This highlights China’s warm embrace of its neighbors.

Li Qun, China’s deputy minister of culture and tourism, noted China’s active engagement in global cultural exchanges. They have signed cooperation agreements with 157 countries, organized over 500 exhibitions, and conducted joint archaeological efforts resulting in the return of over 1,800 lost cultural relics.

Source – CGTN

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