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World News February 1, 2024

“Prelude to Lunar New Year Gala” held in Nairobi

A “Prelude to Lunar New Year Gala” was held in Nairobi, attracting over 200 guests, including ambassadors, UN officials, and media personnel. The event celebrated the upcoming Lunar New Year, offering a glimpse of Chinese culture and fostering China-Africa cooperation. Shen Haixiong, president of CMG, expressed their commitment to promoting Chinese culture globally through multimedia platforms. The Lunar New Year, recognized as a UN floating holiday, was celebrated with performances, including the Lion Dance and Chinese face-changing art. Chinese Ambassador Zhou Pingjian highlighted the festival’s global significance, emphasizing values of inclusiveness and diversity. The event aimed to enhance cultural exchange and strengthen Sino-African relations, with the Lunar New Year celebrations set to begin on February 10.

Source – CGTN

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