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Infotainment June 21, 2024

‘Power Nap Contest’ in South Korea

It’s estimated that one out of every three Americans don’t get enough sleep, and globally, it’s close to half the population. In South Korea, about a hundred people recently took part in a unique ‘Power Nap Contest’ aimed at highlighting the importance of sleep.

The organizer expressed hope that the event would help people recognize the critical role of sleep. Participants in Seoul were challenged to achieve one and a half hours of sleep while being distracted by feather tickling, whispering, and mosquito noises. This contest was designed to raise awareness about the country’s low sleep quality rates and the importance of taking timely breaks and rests.

Participants’ heart rates were measured before and during the nap. The winner was the participant who experienced the largest deviation between their heart rates, indicating the best sleep quality.

Source – CGTN

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