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World News September 21, 2023

Poland says will no longer arm Ukraine

Poland has announced that it will cease arming Ukraine and will focus on its own defense instead, amidst a disagreement over grain exports. This disagreement arose after Ukrainian President Zelenskyy criticized certain nations for insincere support in their fight against Russia at the UN. Poland, a key supporter of Ukraine, took offense to these remarks. Previously, Poland had been a major weapons supplier to Ukraine, and much of the international aid passed through its borders. Additionally, Poland hosts a significant number of Ukrainian refugees and had been providing them with various forms of state aid. The tensions between the two nations were exacerbated by Poland’s ban on Ukrainian grain imports, which was implemented to safeguard its own farmers. In response to this, Kyiv plans to file a complaint with the World Trade Organization. Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki stated that they would no longer supply weapons to Ukraine, emphasizing that Poland is now focusing on modernizing its own defense. The Polish government warned that if Kyiv escalates the grain dispute, they may further expand the list of banned Ukrainian imports. Both sides have called for a constructive approach to resolving the dispute, urging each other to set aside emotions and pursue diplomatic solutions.

Source – CGTN

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