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World News November 15, 2023

Patients stranded in hospitals as battles escalate in Gaza

As battles intensify between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, patients and premature babies face dire conditions. Evacuation attempts at the al-Quds Hospital failed due to ongoing shelling and shooting, leaving medical staff, patients, and their companions trapped without essential supplies. Israel denies attacking hospitals, claiming militants fired from the hospital premises. Incubators for preterm newborns, part of a humanitarian effort, have not reached Al-Shifa Hospital. Hamas offers to release hostages in exchange for a five-day ceasefire. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu vows to continue the conflict. U.S. President Biden expresses concern for Gaza hospitals. UNRWA warns of a fuel crisis, risking shutdown of aid operations in Gaza, affecting hospitals and basic services. Hospitals in northern Gaza cease operations due to attacks and fuel shortages, leading to tragic outcomes, including newborn deaths.

Source – CGTN

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