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World News February 27, 2024

Palestinian PM announces government resignation

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh announced his resignation on Monday, aiming to facilitate the formation of a broad consensus among Palestinians regarding political arrangements after Israel’s military campaign against Hamas in Gaza. This move follows increasing U.S. pressure on President Mahmoud Abbas to restructure the Palestinian Authority. Shtayyeh’s resignation, however, must still be accepted by Abbas, who may request him to remain as a caretaker until a permanent replacement is appointed.

Shtayyeh emphasized that the next stage requires new governmental and political arrangements, taking into account the situation in Gaza, ongoing national unity talks, and the urgent need for inter-Palestinian consensus. Efforts between Fatah, controlling the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas to reach an agreement on a unity government are ongoing, with a meeting scheduled in Moscow on Wednesday. A senior Hamas official highlighted that Shtayyeh’s resignation makes sense within the context of achieving national consensus on arrangements for the next phase. The situation is complex, with Israel expressing opposition to Palestinian Authority rule over Gaza after the conflict, and ongoing discussions are crucial for determining the future governance structure.

Source – CGTN

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