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World News August 10, 2023

Pakistan’s president dissolves National Assembly

Pakistani President Arif Alvi has approved Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s recommendation to dissolve the National Assembly, the lower house of the parliament, as per Article 58-1 of the constitution.

This decision comes three days before the completion of the assembly’s five-year term, which is due to end on August 12. Subsequently, a caretaker administration will be formed by Sharif and an opposition leader from the outgoing parliament to oversee new elections within 90 days. The dissolution of the National Assembly will lead to the resignation of the central government led by Sharif.

According to the Pakistani constitution, if the assembly is dissolved ahead of its designated term, general elections will take place within 90 days; if it completes its term, the elections will occur within 60 days. Following the government’s end, the prime minister will collaborate with the opposition leader to select a caretaker prime minister who will govern until the next general elections.

Source : CGTN

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