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Tech June 26, 2024

OpenAI delays rolling out its ‘Voice Mode’ to July

OpenAI has delayed the release of its “Voice Mode” feature for ChatGPT by a month to July due to technical issues. Initially planned for late June, the feature aims to provide a realistic voice conversation experience to a select group of ChatGPT Plus users. OpenAI stated the delay is to ensure the feature meets its launch standards, including improving content detection, user experience, and infrastructure scalability. The feature will be tested with a small user group before being available to all Plus users in the fall, pending safety and reliability checks. Additionally, OpenAI is developing new video and screen-sharing capabilities. This follows the release of GPT-4o in May, which supports realistic voice conversations and multi-modal interactions. The new audio features will allow users to have real-time voice conversations with ChatGPT, including the ability to interrupt, mimicking realistic dialogues.

Source – CGTN

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