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Infotainment December 15, 2023

One of the best meteor showers: Don’t miss the most spectacular view of Geminid meteor shower

The Geminid meteor shower, considered the year’s best, will peak this week, with the most intense activity expected at 3:00 a.m. on Friday (Beijing time). Skygazers may witness one to two meteors streaking across the dark skies every minute on Thursday night. The absence of a bright moon this week enhances visibility, making prime viewing conditions globally, especially in areas without light pollution. NASA encourages observers to scan the entire sky as meteors don’t have a specific direction. Between 60 and 120 meteors per hour are anticipated during the peak, contingent on weather conditions. The Geminids, known for their greenish hue, originate from the sun-orbiting asteroid 3200 Phaethon, a deviation from most meteor showers associated with comets. When Earth passes through remnants of comets or asteroids, these fragments encounter the atmosphere, creating a captivating celestial display.

Source – CGTN

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