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World News July 8, 2024

New UK foreign minister seeking balanced position on Israel and Gaza

Britain’s new foreign minister, David Lammy, announced that the UK will pursue a balanced position on the Israel-Gaza conflict and will use diplomatic efforts to achieve a ceasefire and the release of hostages held by Hamas. This announcement comes during Lammy’s visit to Germany, marking his first international trip since the Labour Party’s victory in the recent election, which ended 14 years of Conservative rule and made Keir Starmer the prime minister.

Lammy emphasized the UK’s intention to re-engage globally, stating the need for the fighting to stop and for aid to be delivered in Gaza. He highlighted the importance of resetting Britain’s global stance on various issues, including climate change and international relations, and expressed a desire to move beyond the Brexit era, suggesting a potential UK-EU security pact.

The Labour Party faced significant electoral setbacks in areas with large Muslim populations due to dissatisfaction with its stance on the Gaza conflict, despite its overall parliamentary victory. Efforts to negotiate a ceasefire and hostage release in Gaza have intensified, with revised proposals from Hamas and ongoing negotiations with Israel.

Lammy’s upcoming travels to Poland and Sweden will focus on discussions related to NATO cooperation and the Ukraine crisis.

Source – CGTN

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