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World News May 23, 2024

New study on sun’s magnetic field may improve solar storm forecasts

New research suggests that the sun’s magnetic field originates much closer to the surface than previously believed, potentially aiding in predicting extreme solar storms. An international team discovered that the magnetic field is generated about 20,000 miles beneath the sun’s surface, contrary to previous estimates of over 130,000 miles. This finding, published in the journal Nature, could improve the understanding of solar dynamo—a process responsible for solar flares and coronal mass ejections, which can impact Earth’s power and communication systems.

Researchers, including lead author Geoffrey Vasil of the University of Edinburgh and co-author Daniel Lecoanet of Northwestern University, used new models and a NASA supercomputer to study the interaction between the sun’s magnetic field and plasma flow. Their results indicated a shallower magnetic field, prompting further research to confirm these findings.

Solar flares and coronal mass ejections, often occurring near sunspots, have significant effects on Earth. Improved understanding of the sun’s magnetic field could enhance long-term solar forecasts, helping scientists predict future solar cycles’ strength. This knowledge is crucial as the sun approaches its peak activity in the current 11-year cycle, marked by recent severe solar storms.

Ellen Zweibel of the University of Wisconsin-Madison noted the modeling was “highly simplified” but intriguing, likely inspiring future studies. Enhanced comprehension of the sun’s behavior will ensure better preparedness for potential solar storms, which could be more dangerous in the future.

Source – CGTN

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