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Infotainment June 11, 2024

New fungus species found in SW China

Chinese researchers have discovered a new fungus species named Cystoderma yongpingense in Yongping County, part of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province. Published in the journal Mycoscience, the findings describe the fungus’s pileus as wrinkled with a persistent, membranous, and floccose-scaly annulus, colored light orange-red to orange-red. The species was collected in August 2022 by a team from the Kunming Edible Fungi Research Institute during a field survey in Baotaishan national forest park. Belonging to the Cystoderma genus, which includes over 30 known species, these fungi are typically saprophytic, living in groups in habitats such as moss or decaying wood under coniferous trees, and play a significant ecological role.

Source – CGTN

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