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Tech February 16, 2024

NASA’s new mission to study ultraviolet sky, stars, stellar explosions

NASA has announced plans to launch a new space telescope, the UltraViolet EXplorer (UVEX), in 2030 as part of its Astrophysics Medium-Class Explorer mission. UVEX aims to conduct a comprehensive ultraviolet light survey across the entire sky, providing insights into the evolution of galaxies and stars. The telescope will possess the capability to swiftly point towards ultraviolet light sources, allowing it to capture post-gravitational wave burst explosions from merging neutron stars. Additionally, UVEX will feature an ultraviolet spectrograph for studying stellar explosions and massive stars. The mission is expected to enhance understanding of nearby and distant galaxies while monitoring dynamic events in the evolving universe. Nicola Fox, NASA’s Associate Administrator of Science Mission Directorate, highlighted the mission’s role in providing crucial capabilities for exploring the cosmos.

Source – CGTN

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