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World News March 14, 2024

Musk joins Trump to denounce TikTok ban as ‘censorship, govt control’

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, voiced his support for former U.S. President Donald Trump’s stance against a potential ban on TikTok, a popular app among American youth. Musk criticized the notion of banning TikTok, labeling it as “censorship and government control.” Trump, who previously sought to remove TikTok from U.S. app stores, argued that a ban could benefit Facebook, characterizing it as “an enemy of the people.”

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on a bill that would compel TikTok’s Chinese owner, ByteDance, to divest the app within six months or face a ban. Trump framed TikTok as a national security threat but acknowledged the potential negative impact on young users and suggested that banning the app could bolster Facebook’s dominance.

In response to the impending legislation, Musk criticized the bill on his social media platform X, emphasizing its broader implications beyond TikTok. He contended that the proposed law represents “censorship and government control,” echoing concerns raised by Representative Thomas Massie, who characterized the bill as a ‘Trojan horse’ enabling the president to ban not only apps but also websites.

Musk’s support for Trump’s opposition to the TikTok ban underscores broader debates surrounding technology regulation and free speech in the digital age.

Source – CGTN

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