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Infotainment January 25, 2024

More than a lucky year sign: How much do Chinese people love loong?

As the Chinese Year of the Dragon approaches, the symbol is prominently featured across China. The dragon sign is visible on packages, giant statues in parks, and various products, leading to a surge in demand. Online retailer JD.com recorded over 23 million searches for dragon-themed products since January, with more than 1,700 subcategories available. Sales have increased significantly compared to the previous year, with items like gold jewelry featuring Chinese dragons experiencing over a tenfold rise. The popularity is attributed to the zodiac’s association with good fortune and protection.

In markets like Yiwu International Trade Market, dragon plush toys, lanterns, and paintings are witnessing rising orders. Some shops report selling over 10,000 dragon-themed plush toys per day. Demand is so high that many dragon zodiac products are currently out of stock, prompting efforts to increase supply. Traditional customs, such as making decorated steamed buns, are also adapting to the Year of the Dragon, with craftsmen developing new dragon-themed items. In Jinning District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, a small dragon dance with students is being rehearsed for festive New Year celebrations, blending traditional moves with new elements to keep the dance relevant.

Source – CGTN

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