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World News March 19, 2024

Migrant shelters across the U.S. struggle as government funds run dry

An Arizona shelter in Pima County, housing thousands of asylum seekers, faces closure due to the expiration of federal funding, leaving town officials concerned about potential homelessness surges. With about $1 million weekly previously covered by federal funds, the county can’t sustain operations. Congress faces a deadline to fund the Department of Homeland Security, including migrant services, but political stalemate delays action. Similar funding challenges occur in other border areas and cities like New York, Chicago, and Denver. Chicago began evicting migrants from shelters to alleviate resource strain, affecting over 2,000 people by April’s end. In New York City, some immigrants may lose emergency housing rights under a compromise between officials and advocates, ending blanket shelter access for adults after 30 days of service.

Source – CGTN

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