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Infotainment August 1, 2023

London festival explores the power of ecopoetry to deliver hope

In recent times, a new type of poetry called ecopoetry has become popular, especially due to increasing concerns about climate change and environmental issues. This genre of poetry focuses on nature and the environment, and it took center stage at a London festival called Poetry International.

The festival, founded by former British Poet Laureate Ted Hughes in 1967, aims to bring poets from around the world together. After a pause during pandemic lockdowns, the festival returned, and this time, ecopoetry became a prominent theme. One of the poets, CAConrad, from the United States, loves the freedom that ecopoetry offers. It allows poets to write in any style they want, without being restricted to a specific form. The main concern is to express the fragile state of our ecosystem, which is currently facing many challenges.

Another poet, Nina Mingya Powles, from New Zealand, shared poems about her worries regarding water quality. She reflected on the beauty of Wellington Harbor while expressing concerns about pollution and its impact on the environment. Both poets believe that poetry can inspire positive change and bridge the gap between humans and the natural world. By raising awareness and evoking emotions through their poems, they hope to bring hope and motivation for environmental action.

Source : CGTN

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