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World News October 23, 2023

LeBron James claims he doesn’t need Nuggets for motivation

LeBron James, 38-year-old player for the Los Angeles Lakers, stated that he finds his motivation from within rather than from specific opponents or teams. He emphasized being self-motivated and not reliant on external factors. James reflected on a critical game against the Denver Nuggets, where despite an outstanding performance, the Lakers lost, leading him to contemplate retirement. The Nuggets went on to win their first title in franchise history. Nuggets’ coach Michael Malone jokingly mentioned retirement, to which James responded on Instagram, suggesting he’s unfazed by such remarks. James is determined to secure his fifth championship ring and remains focused on the coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy. Despite his age, he continues to be a dominant player, demonstrating improvements in his physical capabilities following a previous ankle injury.

Source – CGTN

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