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World News May 16, 2024

Lawrence Wong inaugurated as Singapore’s new prime minister

Lawrence Wong was inaugurated as Singapore’s new prime minister, succeeding Lee Hsien Loong after his two-decade tenure. In his inauguration speech, Wong, 51, highlighted that he is the first Singaporean prime minister born post-independence and emphasized that most of his People’s Action Party’s fourth-generation team also shares this distinction. Wong underscored values like incorruptibility, meritocracy, multiracialism, justice, and equality as foundational to their leadership. He acknowledged the challenging external environment and affirmed the importance of good leadership, political stability, and long-term planning, which have historically benefited Singapore.

Wong made a minor cabinet reshuffle, promoting Trade Minister Gan Kim Yong to deputy, stressing the need for continuity and stability. He has promised a more significant reshuffle following an election expected by next year. Former Prime Minister Lee will remain in the cabinet as a senior minister, maintaining a tradition among past Singaporean leaders.

Source – CGTN

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