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World News December 22, 2023

Lava flows continue to decrease, flights not affected in Iceland

In southwestern Iceland, a volcano erupted on Monday night after weeks of anticipation by scientists. The region had been active for over two years, marked by numerous small earthquakes. Lava flows from the eruption were slowing down by Wednesday, with the potential for the eruption to end in the coming weekend or week, or for slow lava flows to persist for weeks or months. Despite the eruption’s larger size compared to recent ones, it is not expected to affect air travel, in contrast to the disruptive 2010 Eyjafjallajokull eruption. The recent volcanic activity did not cause damage or flight disruptions, and experts believe the current eruption’s location and features make it unlikely to produce significant ash or widespread disruption. The evacuated town of Grindavik and key structures are considered safe from the lava, and there is no immediate threat. Iceland, known for its high volcanic activity, experiences eruptions roughly every four to five years, with increased frequency since 2021.

Source – CGTN

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