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World News April 23, 2024

Key quotes of Xi Jinping on protecting the Earth

Chinese President Xi Jinping has emphasized the paramount importance of protecting the Earth amidst climate and environmental challenges, marking World Earth Day on April 22. He underscores the interconnectedness between civilizations and nature, stressing that a civilization’s prosperity hinges on its relationship with the environment. Xi advocates for a collective effort, aligning with the vision of a shared future for humanity, to address climate issues and safeguard the planet. He denounces development models that compromise the environment for short-term gains and calls for responsible industrial practices within ecological limits. Xi highlights the necessity for holistic conservation and systematic governance across various ecosystems. Emphasizing harmony between humanity and nature, he envisions a world where all life coexists peacefully and promotes China’s commitment to eco-environmental conservation and green development. Xi emphasizes international cooperation, rejecting unilateralism in favor of a collaborative approach towards environmental stewardship, emphasizing that nations share a common destiny and must navigate the challenges together.

Source – CGTN

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