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World News March 18, 2024

Kenya allocates fund for 2024 wildlife census

Kenya has earmarked 250 million shillings (about 1.86 million U.S. dollars) for the 2024 wildlife census, according to Patrick Omondi, CEO of the Wildlife Research and Training Institute. The census, set to conclude by June 2025, aims to collect accurate data on both aquatic and land-based wildlife populations in the country. Omondi stated that preparations have begun for the census, which will be the second national-scale count since 2021. The initiative will utilize various means including aircraft, boats, cameras, and geographic information systems to enumerate wildlife species across Kenya’s diverse ecosystems. Ongoing monitoring through the census will provide insights into wildlife status, trends, threats, and opportunities, particularly crucial after the 2022 drought that significantly impacted wildlife resources, including endangered species like elephants and Grevy’s zebra.

Source – CGTN

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