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World News November 24, 2023

Italy’s parties unanimously back clampdown on violence against women

Italian lawmakers unanimously approved a set of measures to address violence against women following the killing of a university student, Giulia Cecchettin, and the subsequent arrest of her ex-boyfriend. The bill, proposed by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing government, received support from both ruling parties and the opposition in the Senate, with a rare unanimous vote of 157-to-0. The legislation aims to enhance protections for women at risk, combat femicides, and prevent more serious violence. The recent murder of 22-year-old Cecchettin has intensified the national debate on the issue. The new law is seen as a critical step to address the alarming incidence of violence against women in Italy, with 106 women killed this year, including 55 by their partner or former partner, according to Interior Ministry figures. The government also plans to promote respect for women and raise awareness of violence in schools.

Source – CGTN

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