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World News June 10, 2024

Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz resigns and calls for elections

Israel’s centrist War Cabinet Minister, Benny Gantz, resigned from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency government on Sunday, calling for new elections. In response, Netanyahu emphasized the ongoing existential war on several fronts and criticized Gantz for abandoning the campaign.

Gantz accused Netanyahu of prioritizing political survival over securing a ceasefire to release about 100 hostages held in Gaza. He urged for new elections in the fall, reflecting increasing public protests against Netanyahu’s government.

Gantz’s resignation leaves Netanyahu’s coalition with extremist ministers advocating for reoccupying Gaza and expanding Israeli settlements.

In Gaza, the Al-Qassam Brigades claimed Israeli forces killed three hostages, including an American citizen, during an operation in Nuseirat refugee camp. Israeli raids resulted in at least 274 Palestinian deaths and hundreds of injuries.

Tensions also escalated on the Lebanon-Israel border, with Israeli airstrikes killing two Hezbollah members and injuring three civilians. The intense exchange of fire caused widespread fires and significant damage to farmlands and livestock in southern Lebanon.

Source – CGTN

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