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World News November 6, 2023

Israeli troops encircle Gaza City as Palestinian death toll tops 9,770

Israel’s military announced that its forces have reached the coast of Gaza City and encircled Hamas in the city. The Palestinian death toll in Gaza has risen to 9,770 due to Israel’s ongoing bombardment. The Israeli military’s goal is to strike and destroy select targets, including significant assets and command and control centers belonging to Hamas. They have divided the Gaza Strip into north and south sectors and control the shoreline. They are also carrying out massive attacks in the northern Gaza Strip, including targeting Hamas commanders. The IDF has called on Gazans to evacuate from northern Gaza through a one-way corridor to the south, as more Israeli strikes are anticipated. Additionally, the IDF has demanded that Hamas stop the exploitation of medical facilities for terrorist activity.

As of now, the conflict has lasted for 30 days, resulting in at least 9,770 deaths and at least 24,808 injuries, according to the Gaza-based health ministry. Communication lines have been cut in the Gaza Strip for the third time since the conflict began.

Source – CGTN

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