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World News December 13, 2023

Israeli strikes on Rafah kill children, UN warns half of Gaza is starving

The situation in Rafah, Gaza, has intensified with Israeli airstrikes targeting densely populated areas, leading to at least 22 deaths, including seven children and five women. Hunger is worsening among Palestinians in Gaza, where the UN World Food Programme states that half of the population is starving. Israel’s assault on Gaza has resulted in over 18,000 deaths and nearly 50,000 injuries. The UN describes conditions in southern Gaza as hellish, and efforts to provide aid face prolonged checks at the border.

Israel has instructed people to move for their safety, citing measures to protect civilians and target Hamas fighters. The UN humanitarian affairs coordinator expresses concern about the indiscriminate assault on southern Gaza and the inability to ensure safe points of operation. Israel plans to increase aid shipment screening at the border crossing.

Medical supply convoys face prolonged checks, and health workers have been detained, affecting critical patient care. Israeli forces have raided hospitals, raising concerns about the safety of medical staff.

The General Assembly is expected to vote on a draft resolution for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, mirroring a blocked Security Council resolution. Israel’s defense minister rejects international calls for a ceasefire, stating that the operation against Hamas will continue.

Source – CGTN

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