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World News March 1, 2024

Israel under heat after over 100 were killed while seeking aid in Gaza

Over 100 people were killed in the Gaza Strip as they waited for aid delivery, leading to international condemnation. Palestinian health authorities blamed Israeli forces, while Israel attributed it to crowds around the aid trucks. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called it an “ugly massacre,” and France condemned “unjustifiable Israeli fire.” The UN Secretary-General’s office denounced the incident without assigning blame. Israel denied responsibility, citing two separate incidents. Hamas claimed evidence of direct firing at civilians. Global reactions criticized Israel, with the incident potentially impacting ceasefire talks. The U.S. State Department and French foreign ministry sought information urgently. The UN human rights chief stated that war crimes were committed by all parties in the Israel-Hamas conflict, calling for investigations and accountability. The incident strained Gaza’s already fragile health facilities.

Source – CGTN

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